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Colorful Unicorn Cake - Crave
Colorful Unicorn Cake
From Rs. 2,750.00
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test 126 - Crave
Cocomelon & Baby Shark
From Rs. 3,050.00
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Mermaid Cake - Crave
Mermaid Cake
From Rs. 2,200.00
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Theme Cake 40 - Crave
Cute Unicorn & Arch
From Rs. 2,200.00
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Jurassic Park - Crave
Jurassic Park
From Rs. 2,100.00
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Harry Potter & the Golden Snitch - Crave
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Mystical Unicorn Birthday Cake - Crave
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Girl Snoozing with Hello Kitty Fleece - Crave
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Calvin & Hobbes Cake - Crave
Calvin & Hobbes Cake
From Rs. 2,950.00
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test 127 - Crave
Mowgli in the Jungle
From Rs. 6,500.00
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Theme Cake 47 - Crave
Jurassic Dino Cake
From Rs. 2,400.00
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Elsa Frozen Cake - Crave
Elsa Frozen Cake
From Rs. 3,300.00
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Peppa & Baby - Crave
Peppa & Baby
From Rs. 3,400.00
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Boss Baby - Crave
Boss Baby
From Rs. 2,800.00
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test 148 - Crave
Paw Patrol's Sky
From Rs. 2,200.00
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I'm Peppa Pig Cake - Crave
I'm Peppa Pig Cake
From Rs. 3,800.00
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PJ Masks Mania - Crave
PJ Masks Mania
From Rs. 2,850.00
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Gabby's Dollhouse - Crave
Gabby's Dollhouse
From Rs. 750.00
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Baby Shark - Crave
Baby Shark
From Rs. 3,700.00
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Book of Hogwarts - Crave
Book of Hogwarts
From Rs. 5,200.00
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test 59 - Crave
Harry Potter
From Rs. 2,200.00
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Cocomelon Craze - Crave
Cocomelon Craze
From Rs. 9,100.00
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Little Mermaid - Crave
Little Mermaid
From Rs. 3,200.00
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Black & Gold Superman - Crave
Black & Gold Superman
From Rs. 2,000.00
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Jungle Book - Crave
Jungle Book
From Rs. 4,400.00
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test 134 - Crave
Shopkins Ice Cream Cake
From Rs. 2,300.00
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Superhero Cupcakes - Crave
Superhero Cupcakes
From Rs. 1,600.00
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Transformer - Crave
From Rs. 3,000.00
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Sunshine with Peppa Pig - Crave
Sunshine with Peppa Pig
From Rs. 3,000.00
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Octonauts - Crave
From Rs. 2,500.00
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150 results


Super decoration with super flavors that will fascinate your kids in superhero cartoon cakes

 Our children's birthdays should be the most memorable and unforgettable moments since we want them to enjoy sharing unique moments, and what could be more unique than giving them a gift that they ask for and desire so much.

Cakes are the best option to capture great ideals, fabulous and very sweet at the same time since they always want to eat sweet things. The best option we can give is to recreate a superhero cartoon cake; we know that they will smile and enjoy it a lot with their friends.

There are thousands of decorations, styles, and fillings that can be done to a cake, now while it is about superhero cartoon cake, there is a huge and ridiculous amount almost endless of ideas that you can use to make a great birthday cake, to sell, to make for your home, to give as a gift and for any occasion you want to do.

Superheroes invade your children's cakes 

For many years’ superheroes have been the protagonists of our children's cakes, and even for yourself, but there is nothing cooler than seeing a cake with bright colors and a superhero celebrating your birthday with your family and friends, making it a special day for you.

If you decided to make a superhero cartoon cake, the first thing you should know is all the cake decorating techniques you can use. 3D technique helps you to model the figure or favorite character of the guest for a very realistic result. To make a cake carving you will need to bake several cakes, everything will depend on the design you have in mind. 

To decorate a superhero cartoon cake you can use fondant, buttercream, and the help of a piping bag; decorating cakes with a piping bag is one of the most basic techniques that exist, however, this does not mean that it should be a simple and boring design. 

Everything will depend on your baking skills, but one thing I can assure you 1000 percent is that: the result is worthy of a superhero!

Cakes that you can make that will fascinate children

Many people know that there are superhero cakes; here we will recommend the best ones that you could make in the comfort of your home, or that you can have made with the pastry chef you trust.

They are the following cakes: Avenger cake based on buttercream, the buttercream has a very simple recipe to prepare (on the internet you will find many that will serve you), and you can apply the cream as a cover as for the filling of the cake.

The most sought after and the one that drives kids crazy is the Avengers cake with edible dough, there are many ways to make the edible dough, but not all recipes are easy to make and work with the dough is quite exhausting, however the result you get is fascinating for your superhero cartoon cake.

There is a very particular technique which is the frosting using buttercream, you can add different colors to it and make the cake colorful. There are variations with chocolate, and you can make mini cakes for the guests with incredible designs; it could be an awesome detail. 

Super flavors for a super cake 

Well, now that there are many options of superhero cartoon cake style, you just have to choose which flavors you are going to use for that incredible birthday cake you want to prepare, or that you want to have made with your favorite baker. 

Chocolate, vanilla, caramel are the best options you can use to get an incredible super cake that will drive the children crazy with joy, and also the adults who love superheroes since they will enjoy the delicious flavor and the great and original frosting the cake has.

You can also make an apple cream or a blueberry jam, they are very nutritious, sweet but also healthy depending on the cake you want to make, if you only want to sweeten it is fine, but if you want to take care of yourself you can use natural ingredients.

The best recommendation if you want professionals 

There is an amazing store we can recommend if you live in Bangalore that will make you come back and order whenever you can the cake of your choice, or if you want to vary several styles; it is because they use 100% vegan natural ingredients, without animal derivatives or processed wheat flour. It's called Crave by Leena, if you want professionals they are the best.

They also have services on their website, where you can see all their work of all kinds of cakes, for all occasions, if you live in Bangalore they have the best delivery services to the door of your house and you can enjoy the best superhero cartoon cake.

The delight of a cake, which will fascinate all your guests.

Now you know you can make a variation of superhero cartoon cake, you know that you can make the cake in the comfort of your kitchen; choosing the ingredients you and your kids like, create the best superhero toppings and the richest filling will make you want to prepare a super tasty and super cool cake every time.

Now that you know a little more about how to make a superhero cartoon cake, well it is just a matter of creativity, and using all the techniques you get, to make toppings of all kinds; from the simplest to the most complex, and be able to level up little by little with practice, like a professional pastry chef in baking.

Having a list of superheroes, and birthdays on the way, you only have to practice, research more, and if you want the help of a professional, a pastry chef is the best option you can choose because they are capable of turning fiction into reality in the delight of a superhero cartoon cake.