1.5kg CT Screen time Cake

Rs. 3,150.00
This would be a 1.5kg Chocolate truffle cake with the following: 1. Man working on Macbook, no laptop. Just a mouse in his hand 2. Tablet with silver Apple Logo 3. Remove the 2 tabs with print next to the man 4.Coffee mug next to man with a plate with an omelette next to the mug 5.No apple logo below - instead it should be 'Happy Birthday Papa' in blue text(will be placed on cakeboard) 6. IPhone with a red back cover (apple logo would not be possible) 7.A book πŸ“” (title - Sapiens (if possible))- Sapiens would be handpainted 8.7. A graph πŸ“ˆ on the πŸ’» laptop screen (This can be handpainted on the screen This would be INR 3150