18 SC, CW, BB Favorites Cupcakes

₹ 2,500
We could do a set of 18 Cupcakes (6 Sinful Chocolate, 6 Chocolate Walnut Fudge, 6 Blueberry )with the following toppers: 1. Forest Essentials Logo(Edible Print) 2. One Fondant Tea light Candle 3. Fondant Door 4.Swarovski Logo Edible Print 5. Freedom Sign (Edible Print) 6. Boxing Gloves(Fondant) Kindly note it wont be as detailed. It will be more cartoon like 7. Fondant Guitar 8. Fondant Sling Bag in similar colours. Detailing of the print will not be possible. 9.For Art we could do either the canvas or a small palette with one brush 10. Fondant Plate of Momos 11. Fondant Clock 12. Harry Potter logo edible print 13. One fondant Lipstick 14. Global Desi logo edible print 15.Fondant bowl of green curry(wont be as detailed) 16. One Person Swimming(Lanes with multiple people would not be possible) 17. A fondant Blueberry Cheesecake on a cupcake(we would be unable to do an actually blueberry cheesecake as a cupcake)- TO BE PLACED ON BLUEBERRY CUPCAKE 18. A fondant mobile Phone with Edible print screen This would be INR 2500