Assorted Cupcakes (box of 6)

Rs. 550.00
Assorted Cupcakes Box

Pina Colada | Coffee butterscotch | Chocolate custard

2 x Pina Colada - A tropical blend of rich shredded coconut in a vanilla cupcake filled with a freshly made tangy pineapple compote topped with fluffy whipped cream garnished with toasted shredded coconut

2 x Coffee butterscotch - A rich and gooey butterscotch cupcake frosted with a salted caramel-butterscotch buttercream garnished with a buttery almond praline

2 x Chocolate Custard - Chocolate cupcakes made extra moist and tender filled with traditional vanilla custard topped with a soft smooth chocolate ganache

100% Vegan | 100% Eggless