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test 149 - Crave
The Bugs & Bees
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Hop Little Bunny
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Kitty Kat
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Monkey and Buddy Marooned on an Island Cake - Crave
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Hop Little Bunnies - Crave
Hop Little Bunnies
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Lion King - Crave
Lion King
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Twinning - Crave
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A Girl and Her Friends - Crave
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Animal School Bus Party - Crave
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Niffler in Harry Potter - Crave
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Spiderman Cupcakes - Crave
Sikkim Cake - Crave
Sikkim Cake
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Lucky Phant Cake - Crave
Lucky Phant Cake
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Little Red Riding Hood And The Infamous Wolf Cake - Crave
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Hakuna Matata Cake - Crave
Hakuna Matata Cake
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Cactus Cookie Cake
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Old Mcdonald had a Farm - Crave
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Minnie Mouse Cake
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Flamingo - Crave
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How to Train your Dragon - Crave
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Dino Chomp
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Animal Print Cake - Crave
Animal Print Cake
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233 results


How to decorate a beautiful Animal jungle party cake?


 Cakes are the best way to share with friends and family, in any celebration you can recreate yourself making a delicious cake as you wish. There are infinite recipes and types of cakes you can make. You just need imagination and if you do not have the time or the tools to make a cake, it is time to look for professional bakers. 

To make a cake with decorative elements is very popular by now, but to achieve a good image and to make it as beautiful as it should be…Well, that is another story, you just need experience in preparing the base of the cake and making the decoration is another job is quite difficult, but with time and a professional who explains how to do it, you will achieve it. 

And well to make a decorated Animal Jungle Party cake is very original, since you can make many variations of it; combining many colors and shapes. You can also make many customizations because there are many animals you can use to create that great birthday cake that you want to give as a gift.

A Wild Vegan Cake

The fact you make a vegan cake does not mean that it will be sugar-free and non-fattening, but it depends on the quantities and the techniques you use to prepare a delicious vegan cake. The secret of these animal jungle party cakes is that they exclude the use of processed wheat flour, eggs, butter, and milk of animal origin.

In any supermarket or bakery, you will find all the substitutes you need to prepare a healthy and tasty vegan cake. But the coolest thing comes when you want to make it with style, such as, for example, decorating it with the theme of an animal jungle party cake.

Firstly, you can make it dedicated to herbivorous animals if you want to make it even more vegans, you can imagine making it with monkeys and birds. 

You can make the cake based on bananas and strawberries a very delicious combination making a strawberry cream and chocolate fudge to cover it, it would be great, but if you don't know how to make it yourself we recommend you call a pastry chef.

Crave by Leena decorates it as you wish

 We would like to recommend an option if you are in Bangalore, a very curious bakery that is in charge of making great and healthy cakes with 100% vegan ingredients, apart from being professionals in nutrition, they will make you a fabulous animal jungle party cake with the image and the style you want.

They have a wide variety of ingredients, types of cakes and besides we can also highlight that on their page they have their repertoire of everything they have done and what you can order. We can dare to say that the consumers of vegan products will have a great convenience in this if what they want is to acquire a vegan cake.

Now the theme for an animal jungle party cake is very original because you can always vary with the animals you want, to decorate the cake and you will have many options for the fillings and the cake base itself, the icing, and all the edible material of the cake itself.

Challenge yourself to prepare a cake with an explosion of flavor.

Most importantly, you need to know the ingredients you are going to need in your mixture, and also to define the flavors you want to obtain in the dough, since making a good animal jungle party cake will always depend on the mixture you make with the ingredients, and also the technique for its preparation, whether with a paddle, a hand mixer or a static mixer.

Using each of these techniques you will obtain different results, and also if you do it with warm or cold liquids, the final product will change radically, since the cake will vary in its texture, its sponginess, and even its baking time in the oven, it will create a layer of crunchy or soft crust, everything depends on how you want the cake to look like.

Fitness with Crave

These days there are many ways to diet, some effective, some not so effective, but since all human bodies are different, not everyone can or should eat the same thing. With the natural recipes of 100% vegan ingredients, it is possible to make your most delicious cakes and desserts. You can prepare your favorite animal jungle party cake with your favorite fruits.

You can use oatmeal, turmeric, almond milk or soya milk, lemon, pineapple, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, currants, and make a fabulous animal jungle party cake consume it in certain amounts daily or weekly, everything will depend on you and the diet you want to plan and according to the results; it will always depend on you.  

If you want to make a birthday cake, decorated with the theme of jungle animals, well, you can make a chocolate cake with red fruits, since it is a very good option. We suggest you always go to a professional baker when you have doubts about recipes, quantities and what kind of cake you want to prepare, or learn how to cook.

Cake to your home

However, this topic is not dedicated to a vegan diet, but it can inform you on how to make a good vegan cake, natural, without the need to use all the ingredients of animal origin... 

Nevertheless, it is known that many cooking and professionals know how to create very healthy recipes and can help you to create animal jungle party cake that you want, in case you don't have the time, or simply don't have the dedication for cooking or baking. 

Earlier we mentioned Crave by Leena bakery, which we are recommending as the one you could go to. This is one of the best in Bangalore, professionals who will help you with your order and until they ship directly to your home if you live there.