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Black Drip Cake - Crave
Black Drip Cake
From ₹ 3,600
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test 81 - Crave
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Pink and Pearl Dragees - Crave
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Peachy Wedding Cake - Crave
Peachy Wedding Cake
From ₹ 5,300
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Theme Cake 51 - Crave
Baby Bath Time
From ₹ 2,100
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Pink Floral Cake - Crave
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Animal Safari - Crave
Animal Safari
From ₹ 4,000
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Fit for a King - Crave
Fit for a King
From ₹ 2,000
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Pink and White Buttercream Birthday Cake - Crave
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1 Kg Chocolate Truffle Buttercream Unicorn Cake - Crave
Rainbow Unicorn
From ₹ 2,000
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Blue Floral Cake - Crave
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Baby Shower Cupcakes - Crave
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test 126 - Crave
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test 91 - Crave
Cars Overload
From ₹ 2,200
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Cocomelon & Family - Crave
Cocomelon & Family
From ₹ 5,500
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50 Shades of Chocolate - Crave
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Purple Mystique - Crave
Purple Mystique
From ₹ 1,800
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Happy Birthday Cupcakes - Crave
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Lovers Cake - Crave
Lovers Cake
From ₹ 2,200
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Colorful Unicorn Cake - Crave
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Cupcake Bouquet - Crave
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Mermaid Cake - Crave
Mermaid Cake
From ₹ 2,200
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Happy Dino Era - Crave
Happy Dino Era
From ₹ 2,900
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#Bride to Be (Box of 6) - Crave
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Game Over - Crave
Game Over
From ₹ 2,500
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Theme Cake 41 - Crave
Aqua Gold
From ₹ 2,000
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Theme Cake 56 - Crave
Work It Out
From ₹ 2,500
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test 117 - Crave
Sugar Rush
From ₹ 2,800
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Colour Me Fuchsia - Crave
Colour Me Fuchsia
From ₹ 2,850
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test 109 - Crave
Screen Time
From ₹ 2,200
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1698 results



Nothing better to sweeten a moment than to resort to the best theme cakes in Bangalore; offered by the professionals at Crave by Leena. No matter the occasion; you can always choose the best design combined with the most delicious 100% vegan flavor to please your palate.

You will always have the ideal ally for your baptisms, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other important dates. The time will always be propitious if you have the best place dedicated to the elaboration of cakes in Bangalore. The limits will be set by your imagination.

We customize your theme cake in Bangalore to your liking.

Fluffy and juicy cakes, made with premium quality ingredients free of sugar and gluten. With professional decorations and finishes that will make you fall in love from the first glance. Crave by Leena offers you the most delicious theme cakes in Bangalore; like a sweet sin that everyone will love to commit.

Customers can be assured of access to a delicious dessert that will delight their taste buds with every bite; finding just what they crave to experience. A soft and delicately textured cake; with an incredible flavor and the freshness that only true professionals can provide.

Crave by Leena offers you endless options to choose your Theme cake in Bangalore, with the absolute certainty of turning your idea into a sublime result; one that your guests will talk about for a long time. A cake with a unique taste made with your specific design.

The choices can be endless, that's one of the great advantages you will find when you opt for Theme cake in Bangalore from the people at Crave:

  • 1st Birthday
  • Bacherolette Party
  • Kids Birthday
  • Floral and Elegant Collection
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Superhero & Cartoon
  • Custom Cupcakes
  • Wedding & Anniversary, among others.

Make your celebrations unique with a theme cake in Bangalore

Nothing can take the shine off your special celebration if you have a beautiful and delicious cake with a special design closely linked to that meaningful occasion. With a theme cake, such as the Gold Confetti or the cute Realistic Couple cake, for example, you can make your wedding anniversary unique.

There are many options to choose from through a theme cake in Bangalore from Crave by Leena you can take it for granted. Every occasion will be ideal to show a loved one how much you love them, through the professional finishes and unsurpassed taste of one of these cakes.

Do you want to give a special gift? Think of a theme cake in Bangalore

The importance of a detail does not lie in its material cost; for a detail is important in itself when it allows you to know another person who is listened to and appreciated for what, he or she is. It is very common among friends to exchange gifts; why not make them unique with a theme cake?

Can you imagine how excited your flower and cat-loving friend will be when she receives a theme cake, such as the Colour Me Fuchsia? Or what your sporty friend will say when she receives that cake with the Gym Junkie design? By means of theme cake in Bangalore, you can make your details really wonderful.

Theme Celebration, Theme Cake

Don't let your party or celebration be out of place because your cake doesn't allude to the theme chosen for the occasion. With theme cake in Bangalore from Crave by Leena, you can let your originality run wild. Whatever the theme, you can have the best cake, with an ideal design and the most pleasing taste.

Just by sharing your ideas, you will get a unique and original cake from the hands of true professionals who; using the best ingredients and techniques, will give you a theme cake without waste.

Bring that special character closer to your child with a theme cake

As we all know, many children grow up following a certain cartoon character or more recently that favorite video game. Don't miss the opportunity to make their birthday magical, with a theme cake alluding to their favorite hero or animated character.

With theme cake in Bangalore that will be a given. Your head table will be resplendent with a true work of art, inspired and made for the little ones of the house. This personalized cake will bring happiness not only to your child, but to all your little guests.

In Crave by Leena, you will be able to satisfy your little ones illusion; with excellent designs such as:

  • Jurasic Park
  • Panda cake
  • Minnie Mouse cake
  • Hermonie, Harry & Ron cake
  • Frozen, among many others.

The quality of each design is so unique that there will surely be no shortage of arguments for trying to preserve the uncut theme cake. However,  that is only until you get your first taste.

The best theme cakes in Bangalore

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, graduation, marriage, and anniversary; or simply give a personalized gift, you can find the best cake designs with theme cakes in Bangalore.

Delicious cakes in every flavor you can imagine, designs, colors and aromas that will help you get only the best results wherever you send them. If you want to share a special moment in the office, you can also choose from a vast catalog that includes a huge collection of theme cakes.

What distinguishes theme cake in Bangalore, besides their ingenious and unique designs, is the quality of their flavor.

You will find the perfect gift for your most precious moments. A cake to celebrate Valentine's Day or that long-awaited promotion for your son; or the ideal engagement cake for your daughter or that cake in the shape of a Chanel handbag overflowing with cosmetics for your wife.

Thanks to the diversity offered by theme cake in Bangalore, you can always count on the ace up your sleeve. They never fail; they share two powerful attributes: design and taste of the highest quality.

Be sure to order them to enjoy at home, to give that special gift to a friend or loved one.