Half Birthday Cakes

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Theme Cake 51 - Crave
Baby Bath Time
From ₹ 2,100
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Baby Cot 1/2 cake - Crave
Baby Cot 1/2 cake
From ₹ 2,500
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test 71 - Crave
Baby Boy
From ₹ 1,900
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2 in One Cake - Crave
2 in One Cake
From ₹ 4,000
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Jungle Animals Half Cake - Crave
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Theme Cake 55 - Crave
Cutie Teddies
From ₹ 3,500
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Baby 1/2 Cake - Crave
Baby 1/2 Cake
From ₹ 2,100
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Elephants & Balloons - Crave
Elephants & Balloons
From ₹ 2,400
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Fly High - Crave
Fly High
From ₹ 2,100
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Moon Baby - Crave
Moon Baby
From ₹ 2,800
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1kg Whitebeauty Pink Half cake - Crave
Pink Drip Half Cake
From ₹ 1,900
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test 93 - Crave
Unicorn 6 Month Baby
From ₹ 3,000
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Half Cake - Crave
Teddy Half Cake
From ₹ 3,700
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Twin Minnie Half Cake - Crave
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Minnie Mouse Half Birthday Cake - Crave
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Baby's Bath Tub - Crave
Baby's Bath Tub
From ₹ 3,800
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Animals at Sunset - Crave
Animals at Sunset
From ₹ 2,600
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Pooh & Tigger - Crave
Pooh & Tigger
From ₹ 2,300
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Sea of Love - Crave
Sea of Love
From ₹ 2,200
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Minion Half Cake - Crave
Minion Half Cake
From ₹ 2,900
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Twin Boy & Girl Half Cake - Crave
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Boss Baby Half cake - Crave
Boss Baby Half cake
From ₹ 3,200
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Cute Lil Yoda - Crave
Cute Lil Yoda
From ₹ 1,900
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test 95 - Crave
Monkey Love 1/2 Cake
From ₹ 3,300
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Three things you should know about the popular half-birthday cake trend

All of us know very well that a birthday is when a year of life passes, but it has been going around for several years now that half birthdays are celebrated, something rare, but very original. The most curious of all is the half cake, since it is half of the year; so it is appropriate to do it in such a peculiar way.

There are many types of cakes, styles, colors, decorations and shapes, as long as it is a half birthday to celebrate like this: half a birthday cake.

Unusual popularity

Now I was not aware that birthdays were celebrated in half, it seems to be very particular that people want to celebrate something that way, but well that is something very original, I would be more guided by the tradition of the year without rushing so much, looking forward to my day that only comes once every year.

Sure it seems very unusual, but then I could try a cake and celebrate half-birthday, I will be very lucky if I can get a cake as delicious and original as the one I could taste that weekend with my friends and family; it was when I found out that exist a vegan bakery I was amazed because I had never eaten a half-birthday cake so delicious.

I had never tasted vegan food, and well in a cake I never imagined that it would be so divine and so nutritious. This amazing bakery is called Crave by Leena, right here in Bangalore, I do recommend it a lot, since that time I was delighted, whenever I can order a cake.

A cake in a half

After I tasted my first half-birthday cake, I decided to celebrate even the half-birthdays of my friends and family.

I surprised them with half-birthday cakes, it is great to see the shocked faces and then when they taste it they say: Oh, how delicious, I was not expecting it and it is vegan! I tell you seriously the satisfaction of sharing something healthy and tasty is the best.

There is a great variety on their website; there are all kinds of themes, for every occasion and every kind of birthday.

You will find from the chocolate hazelnut cake, until the fruit cake you want, and the best thing is that you can customize and order them to your liking and with 100% vegan ingredients, for your half-birthday cake; Crave by Leena is recommended for you.

Crave be Leena originality 

The originality is something that defines a product, and obviously the quality of it will make customers always return to the place where they met their expectations and their tastes.

Those who have recipes that highlight the flavors, and beautiful toppings that provoke you to eat them because they look delicious and healthy, in Crave by Leena your half-birthday cake will be the best.

One of the best things about all this, is that you will always have a lot of variety when it comes to choosing your birthday cake; this is the most amazing thing of all, because when you go to a bakery you only get a certain style of cakes and all of them are usually small, and well in a custom bakery you will be able to choose whatever you want to add to your cake.

Once you have precise knowledge of the work it takes to make a birthday cake, we know that we are not talking about beating, putting it in the ball, and then in the oven and eating, because it takes more than that; it is a process with their respective measures, the right ingredients and the beating technique you will use for proper mixing, and then the type of baking. 

Any good baker will know how to make a good half-birthday cake, with the most basic and classic technique of all, that of beating by hand, is one of the most difficult since it involves some movement when moving the wrists and mixing each ingredient so that they adhere to each other and create a homogeneous and well-elaborated mixture. 

There are some things you should know about the popular half-birthday cake trend; first of all, it will always be half of a round cake resembling a half-moon, secondly, it should always be for the exact 6 months before the original birthday, and lastly, always have the desire to make such an unusual birthday gift.

From 1 year to 6 months

As birthdays are a tradition in society, well now half-birthdays with their half-birthday cake, provided for your loved ones and those closest to your life; it is always best to recommend professionals to make you the best cakes with the best fillings and surprises that you may want to give away and have a good and healthy time.

The best half-birthday cake should be made by a good baker, even yourself could be the best baker, you just need constant practice and study the ingredients that you can use to create a fabulous and divine cake that you can share with friends and family, so delight them and you could even create your own cake business.

Some bakers will always be dedicated to making magic.

If you don't have time to do that and you do not want to dedicate yourself to it either, the best option you have to make half-birthday cakes is to always work with professionals who will always help you and will make your fabulous orders directly to your home, or you can go and pick them up at your preferred bakery.

By experience, I can recommend you the genuine art made by the professionals at Crave by Leena; they are very kind and are always trying to satisfy their customers’ wishes. They offer you awesome artistic half-birthday cake, filled with many flavors to make your unusual celebration even more unique.

So do not hesitate to contact them by their website, and make your order on line so you do not take risks in this hard moment in the world.