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The best way to make a healthy birthday cake for your kids without letting them know


I have been looking in many places, so many pages, establishments, locals and professionals in the bakery, and everything agrees that to take care of your children sometimes it is better to deceive them a little bit so they do not know that they always eat healthily.

Once upon a time, we were children and we loved to eat all the harmful things that used to be sweets and candies. Being a parent now you want your children to be healthy, so I decided to share something useful that will help many people, according to my experience.

The best thing you can do for a kid’s birthday cake is to take care of everything you use in the ingredients of a rich and healthy dessert, without taking away the fun of eating candy, as I know how nice it felt to celebrate birthdays.

 A healthy choice for your kids

At home children can invent a lot, and in the street too, so you have to educate them at home to learn to eat consciously, well the idea is that you can make a delicious kid’s birthday cake with natural ingredients, avoiding certain ingredients that are highly processed and are bad for health both as us, as for children.

Unless at least the idea is to try to reduce certain foods, and although the right thing to do would be to eliminate from your eating routine everything harmful, it is just a matter of educating yourself.

Now the goal is to make a kid’s birthday cake for your children; so that they can enjoy their day with what they like the most, such as chocolate, caramel, and some other treats.

The best thing to do is to combine those candies in low quantities with very healthy fruits full of natural sugars, of course without exceeding the quantities of any ingredient. The whole secret is to make your children believe that everything is all sweets and treats and always use fruits. Many very good and nutritious vegan recipes help a lot.

The best cakes for snacking with the family

There are plenty of sweets and kid’s birthday cake that you can make in the comfort of your own home, and best of all, you can make them without eggs, animal milk, or butter. There are an infinite number of recipes and preparations that you can make.

My children love their kid’s birthday cake, you can make things like coconut and strawberry sponge cakes without eggs, the only magic thing I add is condensed milk without overdoing it and they eat them without any complaint and they are fascinated.

On very particular occasions when they are intense or anxious, I usually make a brownie type cake with almond butter, and it is a very divine delicacy compared to many cakes, I could say that my children prefer this one without hesitation.

On the birthday of one of my children, I came up with the idea of making a recipe that I saw on a blog on the internet; it was a vegan peanut butter kid’s birthday cake, and what a madness, very fascinating flavor so extravagant that left my wife and children speechless.

Until I was shocked by such a flavor, even I did not believe that it was something vegan and healthy.

Anyway, in the course of my life in the kitchen, I have tasted infinity of sweets from different bakers, as well as the ones I usually make to share with my friends and family. I have also met many professional bakers of kids' birthday cake who use very different mixing and baking techniques, and know-how to choose the ingredients.

The tradition of making delicious birthday cakes

Since I was little my parents have made me kids birthday cake, I had the pleasure of eating the delicious cakes that my mother had prepare for me and I am still tasting them and delighting myself because I never stop learning something new, and she has been making cakes and pastries all her life. Birthday cake is a tradition in my family.

I can tell you that whenever you want to make your children a kid’s birthday cake, remember to always use different ingredients, try to take care of them so that they will be always healthy and will not suffer from any disease. Before the cakes were very simple, just sweet and fluffy dough with a single cream decoration.

Making a delicious cake always involves love and a good reason, which is the birthday, the day that loved one we love so much was born and we want to emphasize how important it is for us by giving them the most fabulous cake, and thank life for what it is to eat and enjoy the flavors and the pleasure of eating as a family.

How to make a healthy sugar-free cake without your children knowing about it?

Now what all parents want is to prepare healthy snacks for their children, so that they stay healthy and avoid eating unhealthy sweets and treats. We know they are delicious and eating them once every 15 days is not bad, but the idea is to avoid eating them too often. I just want to share with you what I do.

Homemade cakes of different flavors, vary the fruits and nuts that are healthy, and are good now you can make a fruit cake base with the flour of your taste that is not processed, and you can also mix in the filling a coconut buttercream, or almonds, and use condensed milk or chocolate to give it that frenetic touch that makes it addictive.

I know very well that children tend to be selective with sweets, if they are not sweet enough they will not be satisfied, and the idea is that with the kid’s birthday cake, they will be satisfied and full, without knowing that it is a 100% healthy cake without sweets.