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Spring Wedding - Crave
Spring Wedding
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Stream of Roses - Crave
Stream of Roses
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Pretty in Pink - Crave
Pretty in Pink
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Just Married - Crave
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Ombre Cake Flower Cake - Crave
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2 Tiered Spring Wedding Cake - Crave
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Couple on Clouds - Crave
Couple on Clouds
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Mr & Mrs Lace Cake - Crave
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Black Beauty - Crave
Black Beauty
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Butterream Floral and Gold Lace Cake - Crave
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Gold Confetti - Crave
Gold Confetti
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Floral Faultline Cake - Crave
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Fall Wedding Cake - Crave
Fall Wedding Cake
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Heart Cake - Crave
Heart Cake
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Love is in the Air - Crave
Love is in the Air
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Peachy Wedding Cake - Crave
Peachy Wedding Cake
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Realistic Couple Cake - Crave
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Iceberg Cake - Crave
Iceberg Cake
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Cake on the Ocean - Crave
Cake on the Ocean
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Rustic Wedding Cake - Crave
Rustic Wedding Cake
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Naked Floral Engagement/Wedding Cake - Crave
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Floral with Ruffle Wedding Cake - Crave
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Golden 60 - Crave
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Theme Cake 33 - Crave
Will you marry me
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Theme Cake 53 - Crave
Spring Painted Cake
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Wedding Cake laced in Gold - Crave
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Lovers Cake - Crave
Lovers Cake
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123 results


You can make a healthy wedding anniversary cake with 100% vegan products.

The wedding anniversary day is a unique day that has many classifications, by the number of years that a couple has been together for. It also marks the beginning of a new stage of life and new projects as a couple and a team. Every year the wedding anniversary is a moment to evoke love.

Marriages are a unique symbol of union, happiness, love, and team work for a lifetime together, so if you want to celebrate this wonderful moment, do not hesitate to make a fantastic and fabulous wedding anniversary cake. Organize a party with family and friends and share and celebrate.

 How to make a cake as 100% vegan products?

Most people tend to avoid making cakes because they think that they are always sweet and that they are not necessary to celebrate... but why so boring when you can use natural vegan ingredients based on fruits and use the sugars that nature provides you, and so you can make your super wedding anniversary cake.

There are hundreds of natural recipes with chocolate; you can use cocoa as the main ingredient for a rich cake, coconut oil, flour without baking powder, flaxseed, vanilla, water, or coconut milk if you want. It is all a matter of imagination and knowing how to look for natural ingredients and using perfect mixing techniques.

However, if you want to make a super cake for your special occasion; why not to call a professional baker to make a fabulous wedding anniversary cake for all your friends, family, and the love of your life to enjoy and sweeten happily in a unique moment of life to celebrate without thinking about it with natural ingredients.

Surprise your guests with the healthfulness of these cakes

These cakes are requested by some couples, who always celebrate their wedding anniversary, and every year without fail they celebrate it with their wedding anniversary cake, some vary, they can be traditional and or vary according to the trends of that year.

All is always a matter of thinking about what you want, cakes simply need love and creativity to be the richest and most special; but at least when a couple reaches 50 years together, gosh it is a Golden Wedding, that is half a century of love together going through life and working hard with passion, and it deserves to be rewarded.

Typically, in other times, when a couple reaches those years of marriage, they usually give each other gold rings; but in these times it is not so easy to acquire gold rings, so why not something more simple and exquisite than sharing with your love a wedding anniversary cake.

If you want to impress everyone without telling them anything, you should prepare your cake with the most natural ingredients you can find in your favorite store, or with your favorite baker. And make a rich and healthy cake that will make your guests crave more cake, and tell you: I want that recipe! It is the idea of eating healthy and tasty, and more on your day.

The best option is to take care of your health

Not every day you celebrate a wedding anniversary, so let me tell you that you must search the internet for the best recipes; but here we will provide you with some that can help you and a recommendation of a very good bakery in Bangalore with excellent recipes and quality of cakes to order a wedding anniversary cake.

The bakery in Bangalore is called Crave by Leena where you can get the best cake, the tastiest, and without processed sugar; recommended by young and old alike. Besides that, they also offer varied options among desserts, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, quiches, and brownies, with home delivery and excellent prices.

Now then, the cakes you can make for your wedding anniversary cake are the following:

  • Charlotte cake is wrapped in a playpen with champagne cookies, with a sweet red fruit topping to which is tied with a red ribbon. And inside, an explosion of strawberry mousse with cookies.
  • The rustic cakes, it is known by different names, does not consist of a cover, so it proceeds to fill and protrude on the sides. And for the guests, it is special because they know what the cake is filled with.
  • And original wedding anniversary cake, this cake, the decoration is extremely free and let your imagination spark unlimitedly; the truth does not go out of fashion. The 2021 wedding cakes come full of fantasy, you no longer have to settle for a white and too basic cake as it is found everywhere is not the idea either.

The gift of love on a cake

Everywhere you go on the internet you can find any website and professionals that can help you make a fabulous wedding anniversary cake. It's just being able to get the professional you trust the most, and you can also learn how to prepare the cakes to your taste and way without thinking too much about it.

Never miss important days

It must be great to have the figures of the bride and groom represented that was at that time, and keep them in the library and remember the sweet day as husband and wife.

The wedding cake is surrounded by many infinite traditions that make it a must and undoubtedly a key and magical piece, it is one of the decorative and edible elements that just by tasting it in the present will transport you to that moment of the wedding since it usually occupies the main table of the party.

Along with the cake, it is a tradition to take pictures of the bride and groom, the toast, and the new couple with their loved ones. That is why it is of vital importance to take care of every detail of a wedding anniversary cake so that it always looks as beautiful as the couple. And love each other as that day and remember with fervor the taste of love.