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Cuff it - Crave
Cuff it
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Overflowing Joy - Crave
Overflowing Joy
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The Naughty Couple - Crave
The Naughty Couple
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Kinky Hour
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#Bride to Be (Box of 6) - Crave
Bride to Be
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To Have and to Hold
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The Smart One - Crave
The Smart One
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Make a Wish and Blow Cake - Crave
Make a Wish and Blow Cake
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Bachelorette Cupcakes - Crave
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Game Over - Crave
Game Over
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The Wedding Night - Crave
The Wedding Night
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Let's Fly - Crave
Let's Fly
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She Said Yes! - Crave
She Said Yes!
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Eligible Bachelor - Crave
Eligible Bachelor
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Crown Cake - Crave
Crown Cake
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Animal Print Cake
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Wishing you a Hap-Penis Cake - Crave
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Bachelorette party cake: a joyful dream


Since many years ago bachelor parties for women were questioned, but why, if it is simply a social celebration dedicated to the farewell of being single and then marry your desired partner. Anyway, at these events are usually made very particular cakes, and sometimes quite daring to celebrate with their closest friends.

 A tendency is to make many cakes for all occasions and make decorations and fillings surprises, that make hallucinate those who receive the gifts such as cakes that better give you a big surprise and that contains another surprise inside when you bite it.

A great party a big cake

A bachelorette party that your friends can prepare for you has a great motive, and that motive can have a lot of surprises and add-ons to make it a memorable celebration.

Most importantly is the bachelorette party cake, boldly decorated and filled with surprises that your friends will prepare for you and make sure that you never forget the day.

 In the past bachelorette parties were stigmatized as they were criticized and attacked, but those times have changed; now they are a business, and people hire services for bachelorette parties. People can ire bakers to make very outstanding and daring cakes of male underwear, and decorated with the man's physiognomy and many things with a lot of creativity.

 As already mentioned, the party has as an important protagonist, the bachelorette party cake; the idea is to make a very striking big cake, which embarrasses the person who is enjoying the bachelorette party on that day with closest friends.

 Also, there are different kinds of bachelorette parties; there is the classic bachelorette party cake. In this type of party, the engaged person is subjected to temptations through shows, games, humor, alcohol consumption to uninhibited, in this one, a very daring bachelorette party cake is usually made in the shape of the male body and with surprises.

The charm of a dream made cake

First, you should know what kind of cake you are going to make, whether it will be an ordinary cake or a healthy cake to improve your figure like the ones made in Crave by Leena 100% vegan, also know what flavors you will use for the mixture, what filling you will make and finally the topping and final decoration.

Finally, knowing all this you are ready to make your recipe for your delicious bachelorette party cake, you can show off with a fabulous presentation, flavors and besides that, it will be a cake filled with health for everyone, since it will contain the key to a cake made with natural ingredients with the desire to spend a great night with your friends. 

Now if what you want, it will be an outrageous cake with an explosion of flavors and that looks simply striking.

Well, it needs a super crazy and very particular cover and when you chop it will explode with cream or condensed milk, like a very subliminal message; but that is what the bachelorette party cake is all about, an elegant or daring choice.

Undoubtedly one of the predominant characteristics of bachelorette parties are the cakes and the surprises that your friends make for you, without a doubt it makes it a memorable and unique day.

The bachelorette party cake can be baked in many ways like any other cake, but what makes it very special are its striking and crazy toppings with their surprising fillings that shock and leave anyone's mouth open. They are made in a very original way, some more explicit than others, but that is the point of these creative and intrepid cakes.

Healthy and delicious

Even more, if you like to take care of your figure and your friends also take care of themselves, then you should make a cake with 100% natural ingredients that will make you always look better, although it is not that it will make you lose weight because if you eat and eat it will not help you, you must keep your diet.

The idea is to make a delicious bachelorette party cake, but, if you also like to take care of your guests, the idea is to make it with natural ingredients without neglecting the good taste since we do not want to damage the party.

A day to share and never forget with friends.

There are bakeries in charge of preparing all kinds of cakes, but there are also professional bachelorette party cake bakers, you just need to call them and make your request of what you want in your cake, how to decorate it and how to fill it. Now, we recommend you if you live in Bangalore to look for professionals like Crave by Leena.

Since they are pastry chefs who will guide you to make an amazing, curious and delicious cake, and they have their delivery system to your doorstep.

As we mentioned before if you live in Bangalore you will find all kinds of cakes and all their work, also you can learn more about them and their 100% natural products if you visit their website.

Crave by Leena makes your ideas as a cake

A lot of pastry chefs who have been in the decorated cake market for years are dedicated to the area of cake design. At least at Crave by Leena, they have several styles that they can bring to life and capture in the cake that the customer wants. It is all a matter of imagination both on the part of the customer and what the baker will do.

While it is known that all bakers have techniques for the preparation of both the base mixes for a cake and also baking techniques, to make the dough fluffy or a little harder, you will choose how you want the cake to look, how to decorate it and make your idea come true in your delicious Bachelorette party cake, which will make your guests flip out.