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Black, White and Gold Cake - Crave
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Pretty in Pink - Crave
Pretty in Pink
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Pink Floral Cake - Crave
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Pink and White Buttercream Birthday Cake - Crave
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Blue Floral Cake - Crave
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Lovers Cake - Crave
Lovers Cake
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Purple Mystique - Crave
Purple Mystique
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Theme Cake 41 - Crave
Aqua Gold
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Colour Me Fuchsia - Crave
Colour Me Fuchsia
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Bambi Cake - Crave
Bambi Cake
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test 41 - Crave
Floral Balloon
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M Shaped Letter Cupcakes - Crave
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test 32 - Crave
Paint It with Topper
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Ombre Cake Flower Cake - Crave
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Love in Pink - Crave
Love in Pink
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1kg Pink & White Cake - Crave
Pink , White & Gold
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Fall Rosette Cake - Crave
Fall Rosette Cake
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Peachy Wedding Cake - Crave
Peachy Wedding Cake
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Floral Blooms - Crave
Floral Blooms
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Butterfly Land - Crave by Leena
Butterfly Land
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Floral Princess - Crave
Floral Princess
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Floral Hearts - Crave
Floral Hearts
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The Magical Garden - Crave
The Magical Garden
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Turquoise Beauty - Crave
Turquoise Beauty
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Just Married - Crave
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test 86 - Crave
Peachy Gold
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Butterream Floral and Gold Lace Cake - Crave
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Floral Drip with Topper - Crave
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Floral Faultline Cake - Crave
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Hearts & Roses - Crave
Hearts & Roses
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179 results


The Garden on your cake a floral and elegant collection

The flower decoration has always been a trend, especially when they are combined with pastry, it is more intense and they have so much prominence, so if you intend to include them in your next work or celebration, make sure first that they are not poisonous flowers and then ensure that you prepare them correctly so they do not have direct contact with the cake.

When you decorate cakes, you can do it in many different ways, and, when decorating floral and elegant collection cake, you need to be very good with you artistic skills.

When you make sugar flowers it takes time and a lot of patience, to make an image in sugar very close to what it is to work with real flowers, however the touch that natural flowers give is very different because they produce their smell and their pleasant reality.

My best option that I could have selected, and by mere satisfaction for the products they offer and the quality are those of Crave by Leena; the truth is that I am very comfortable, whenever I can order my cakes for special occasions and the one that left me most fascinated was the half-birthday cake that my friends gave me as a gift, I enjoyed it a lot.

Naturally festive

Arranging birthday parties or celebrations with floral arrangements is very nice, it makes the whole environment look elegant and fresh, and even more if there is a floral and elegant collection cake and inside a surprise of delicious flavors that will make you delight in this celebration among friends and family.

The floral decoration is to naturally set a whole environment, giving it a fresh and calm essence. At the same time, any festivity with floral arrangements is something very beautiful and makes you feel in contact with nature and the calm that transmits the smells and the beautiful colors that surround you.

Crave by Leena makes your beautiful party possible

Now the current trend is floral and elegant collection cake obtaining a fascinating result; giving a particular effect that amazes by its aesthetic beauty, the details of the settings, natural flowers are the complement that radiates a special charm and makes the bridal pastry look.

Both create a polished finish, they are the most requested to apply the decoration of fresh flowers and make something like naked cakes that leave part of the cake insight, they are special to find a more rustic and natural tone.

A collection of flowers

Although there are many varieties of flowers to decorate, always be aware of the forbidden flowers, which can be toxic or poisonous, such as lilies, azaleas, wisteria, oleanders, or hydrangeas. Among the allowed options, you will find edible flowers, which are widely used in cooking in general, and non-edible ones.


With both groups, you can assemble decorations, but the second is the most convenient since edible flowers are less resistant to lack of water and the decoration will suffer during the wait.

Among the non-edible flowers suitable for decoration we find garden roses, orchids, dahlias, cockscomb, freesias, and also the everlasting succulents, widely used in original and ecological souvenirs.

An elegant and pure choice

There are many different styles that you can apply to your birthday tables, celebrations, or any event, of course when you want to use flowers there are many visual and edible styles. Let’s see the following ideas that you can use for your cake decorations:

  • Flowers in three points, which is used to combine 3 different points in floral and elegant collection cake.
  • The simplest one is flowering as pedestals; the flowers surround the cake, giving an illusory image as support.
  • There is also the cascade of flowers; as the most used classic in weddings, it allows a free form, more natural, without adjusting much to a pre-established structure.
  • There is a very particular style known for being extremely risky called flowers as a single focal point very used in the floral and elegant collection cake because it puts the eye on a point where the whole arrangement stands out and draws attention.
  • You can also opt for a minimalist decoration, which brings all the charm with a single detail on one side of the floral and elegant collection cake.

Always take into account the necessary precautions or consult with a professional, the application will take your special technique, knowing in advance that the flowers cannot be in contact with the cake or should be the minimum possible.

Try to choose resistant flowers, those with the longest durability out of water. It is also important to choose the freshest ones and to assemble the decoration at the last minute so as not to suffocate them.

Your cake goes home with you

Not all bakers are qualified to making floral and elegant collection cake decorations, since not all of them have the required knowledge to choose the best flowers or the floral styles requested by a client.

Every professional should keep in mind that not all natural flowers are used to decorate floral and elegant collection cake since they should always be evaluated if they can be without water, or for a long time at certain temperatures, and if they are poisonous or not.

Now when it comes to recreating them with flower pastes or fondant, it is much easier, many professionals who are outstanding in floral decorations will tell you that the cool weather is ideal for recreated flowers, and also for real and natural floral decorations, as they keep their lucidity and rich aroma.

If you want to make a floral and elegant collection cake by yourself, remember to always seek help from professionals, or the best websites on the internet to guide you and learn the best and safest techniques to achieve an elegant and clean job.

Many decorated cake decorators that specialize in floral and elegant collection cake will make the orders directly to your home; you just have to choose the one that best suits your economy and your goals of the cake you want.